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Are your dieting behaviors self-defeating?Diets Often Fail because of Poor Diet Habits
Are you failing at dieting because of internal challenges you are unaware of? Changing one's habits and forming a new behaviors can be difficult to impossible if you are unaware of your internal behaviors.  Psychologist and psychiatrists are well aware of the issues involved in internal dialogue - not unconscious but conscious behavior.  Retraining patients and helping them to overcome old negative self-defeating behaviors is a daily routine for many counselors and psychoanalyst.  One issue that psychoanalyst have revealed that has positive implications for many dieters is the resolution of one's own negative "self-talk".

Negative self-talk refers to the dialogue that goes on inside us daily and can be a legitimate issue and a reason why some succeed at changing our diet behaviors an achieving our goals while others repeat their diet failure and never succeed.  You can see why negative self-talk has important repercussions for your ability to lose weight and why you must appreciate this concept fully and get it under control if it's a problem for you.  If you're constantly saying things like:  "I can't succeed",  "this is too hard", "I'm not making progress quickly enough", etc, instead of forging ahead with the task required to succeed - you are doomed to not only to fail at the goal at hand ( losing weight) but any goal you set out to achieve that's typically a challenge or that's difficult for you.  

Do you have a pattern of not achieving things in your life that are difficult?  Many of us do and self-talk has more than likely played a part in assuring that you don't change for the better.  Perhaps its your fears and negative self-talk that's holding you back and nothing more.  Remember, self-talk refers to the "voice in your head".   The running commentary that is self-talk therefore affects most everything you do and because the vocabulary and internal dialogue is ever present it has the ability to define you.  Self- talk is critical to understand if you are working to change a behavior, because it lets few important events in our lives (esp challenges, etc) go by with out making some type of comment, remark or evaluation of them.  

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