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Should you Create Your Own Diet Plan?
Creating your own diet sounds like a great idea but should be weighed against other options.   Here’s what you’ll need to do to make your own diet and what's involved in creating a safe, effective diet plan that gives you results…

Will you save money if you create my own diet?
After you’ve figured out your calorie needs, your deficit calories for weight loss, figured out how you’re going to meet those diet goals with the enough foods choices, created a menu plan that works with your lifestyle, looked up nutritional values & calories for each new food you select, (and searched the web OR read books on how to balance your diet nutritionally & learned how to stay motivated) and learned how to design it to preserve muscle not fat (so that you look great at your new weight)…’ll have saved little to possibly no money at all.  How could this be?  Our diet & nutrition experts have spent the last 12 years creating diet programming.  The diet we have created is proven to be effective, convenient and easy to use, and offer you extreme flexibility.  As a result you can now create your own custom diets each day just like a nutritionist for less than it costs have a soda, popcorn and go to the theater.

Additional items to consider if you're considering creating your own diet...

Diet Plans MeasureWon’t your own diet be just as effective?
Whether you choose the latest fad diet, free web diet or decide to just cut down on calories on your own, in most cases you will overshoot your true weight loss needs and tend to lose weight quickly but not effectively – losing more water and lean muscle so that more fat stays on your body. So you will be a smaller, fatter person instead of improving your body composition. This is not effective weight loss!

Is it safe to create your own diet?
To create a safe weight loss diet, you’ll need to balance good nutrition while restricting calories. Most fad diets that promise quick weight loss are not balanced and a self-created diet can have the same problems. Restricting too many foods, reducing variety and not knowing how to get the right balance of nutrition to keep the brain, organs, and muscles functioning while the body is stressed with lower calories can be a safety issue, even with healthy people. Unless you are trained in nutrition, if your goal is to look better, to feel better, or to get into better shape it’s a good idea to get a professionally developed plan that gives you the right balance of foods. If you choose a plan that allows you to create your own diet within the framework of a healthy plan set up for your individual needs, you’ll get to create your own diet with the assurance of a safe, balanced weight loss plan.
We’ve spent 10 years developing our diet program and continue to improve our plan making it easier to use and adding more options to customize so that our clients can create their own diet safely and get the results they want!

I Want To Create My Own Diet - Can A Personal Dietitian Help?
Whether you design your own diet or use
PersonalDiets create your own diet
program to help you create your diet plan, here’s what goes into creating a weight loss diet that meets the needs for safety and proven results that last:

Custom Diet Choices1. Nutritional Balance: Is this really that important?
Have you heard of people’s skin turning orange because they followed a weight loss diet based on eating mostly carrots? How about people who lose their hair because their diet lacked vitamins and minerals? Good nutrition is important for everyone but even more critical when you follow a weight loss diet because you are limiting calories – basically starving your body to burn fat so it’s very important to do it right! This means figuring out the right amount of calories, then figuring the right amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrate and then building a diet of foods that make up that composition.
Do you know which foods have the most protein without a lot of animal fat? Do you know how to get the most vitamins and minerals in the fewest calories? How many snacks should you include for your exercise and activity level? These are some basic questions that need to be considered when creating a good weight loss diet.

2. Blood sugar needs & considerations.
I'm not diabetic - why should I have to balance my diet sugars?
Even those with diabetes need a certain amount of carbohydrates balanced throughout the day to fuel muscle and other body tissues. If you don’t have diabetes (or insulin resistance), you still need to eat a mix of protein, fat and carbohydrate at meals and snacks so that your metabolism stays high and you don’t go into an energy slump. The right balance of carbohydrate throughout the day can help keep you from craving junk and overeating. (leading to weight gain!)

3. Calorie determination
I've seen lots of websites that provide ways for me to determine my calories so what advantages are there for a dietitian to determine my calories?
There are specific formulas for figuring out a person’s calorie needs that work very well. But not everyone wants nor should they lose weight at the same rate. So instead of following one calorie level for all people or using the same rate of weight loss for everyone, it’s better to get a diet that is based your specific calorie needs and rate of weight loss. (which should be no more than 2 pounds a week for most people to preserve lean tissue and create more fat loss).

Flexible Diets & Meal Plans4. Diet Flexibility
Do I really need to have as much choice as
PersonalDiets offers? What if I'm not a picky eater or I eat the same things all of the time?

Most people have their favorite meals and foods that they repeat often. We’ve created a plan that starts with our recommendation of a variety of foods to use as a guide but it allows you to change your food choices, repeat favorite foods, have leftovers, dine out, etc. That way you get our healthy recommended diet plan with the right balance of nutrition with the flexibility of changing foods and creating your own menus whenever you want.

5. Practicality/Lifestyle Considerations. How practical does a diet have to be?
We think it’s very important to fit the diet to the person’s lifestyle. If you don’t cook, a recipe diet won’t work for you. If you don’t like eating out of a box, a convenience/packaged food diet is not the answer. We’ve created a variety of eating styles so that it’s easier to lose weight without changing your lifestyle.

6. Customized Grocery List.
I appreciate that automating my grocery shopping list is convenient but I can do this by hand each week.
Have you ever used a grocery list and returned home only to find that you missed getting a crucial item for your menu plan? An automated grocery list selects all of the foods needed for the plan you create saving you time, money and effort and is included as an option at no extra cost in your personal diet plan because we know that planning helps you stick to your goals.

Healthy & Nutritious7. Health Issues.
I have always followed my own diet rules when it comes to my health and reduce fats and try to eat healthy.
Many people think they know exactly what they should be eating – the problem is that they just don’t do it. A structured plan that meets heart healthy guidelines ensures that your goal of eating right is met without a lot of label reading, calculating and worrying about whether you’re getting a healthy balance of good foods.

8. Safety.
To develop a safe diet it should result in weight loss of no more than 1- 2 pounds a week and really, some people can't even lose this quickly. A weight loss diet needs to be high in nutrition to make up for the reduction in calories needed to burn fat. And, you’ll need enough calories so that you can fuel your body and feel good and energetic while you lose weight. Plus, poor nutrition results in bad skin, bad breath, low energy, dull hair, poor digestion and can lead to more dangerous health effects. Don’t trade long term success for fast results no matter what diet you follow.

9. Ease of Use/ Meal Planning -
For you diet plan to work, you should plan it so you can follow and stick to it daily. We boast that you can follow our diet anytime - any place but to be able to create a diet that's that easy you need to consider a lot of things besides balancing breakfast, lunch, dinner and your snacks. What about dining out, eating at school, dorms, your workplace, events? If your life is busy you'll also need to plan all the convenient and/or fast foods, etc that you eat. A flexible diet lets you plan ahead so that even unexpected events are covered.

10. Tracking- Research has shown that tracking your diet is almost as important as the diet itself. Few of us track routinely because of the extra steps involved and many who have attempted tracking find that it takes too much time . That's why we created an easy, practical to use on & offline tool we call the Right-on-Tracker – because tracking your progress is one of the best habits you can do to lose weight and stay on track with your goals
(*Additional fees apply to our interactive tracking however we do offer a good simple offline tool for non custom diet users).

11. Effective – Given enough time and effort, you may be able to develop some of your own tools and resources. But with our established, proven program you will have easy access to so many tools and resources such as tracking, dietitian email & phone support, as well as DietBattles both peer and professional support that has led our clients to successful weight loss outcomes.

12. Would you be better able to stick to a diet that you create yourself?
Compared to commercial weight loss programs, you may be better off designing your own diet because most diets are just trying to sell you their foods instead of helping you find a diet that you can actually follow as a new healthy eating style so that you keep your weight off.
PersonalDietshas carefully designed a program that helps you create a personal plan that works for you but gives you the structure, tools and resources that have been proven to help people change their lifestyle and reach their weight goals. So now you can create a personal plan but you have to do this all by yourself – now you can get expert help that will guide you to healthy eating and good habits.

How does PersonalDiets help you diet effectively?
So that you don't give up 2-3 weeks after you start your diet
(see Diet Sample) we give you effective tools that helps you stay on track. We offer many avenues of support – easy to use tools, easy access to people who can support you when you need it and both offline and online tools that are easy to access and print out, with 10 years of online experience we’ve found what works!

To reach your diet goals you'll need a diet that you can stick to - if not it won't work for you!
All our diet services (A Custom Expert Diet, Diet App, Auto Custom Diet, Free Meal Planner for teens) are either 100% custom or "customized" so that you a diet that's personally relevant AND most importantly so you can stick to it & it works for you.  

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