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Feeling discouraged with slow diet results?

"I'm really working hard at diet and exercise but I'm not getting the results I expect. When I weigh myself, I have lost any weight yet and I've been at it for a month. I want to do this the right way but I'm losing patience. Help!"

Feeling discouraged early on in your efforts can come from setting unrealistic standards for your success - expecting that you'll lose weight quickly even though you know doing things the "right way" takes patience and time. Losing body fat does take time and consistent effort - you have to remind yourself of that every day. With your hard work, it really will pay off!

 But sometimes it's so hard to wait for the reward of actually noticing that your clothes are loose, or the scale is moving in the right direction. While you're waiting for that weight loss, focus on other positive things that are happening. Feeling more energetic and feeling better because you're choosing better amounts and types of foods are great things! Reward yourself for the good behavior changes you're making that will lead you to your weight loss goal instead of focusing on the scale. Find small rewards for yourself that help reinforce your exercise and food choices each week like buying yourself a small gift or putting some money away for a special trip or gift each week you stay true to your diet. This reward system and re-directing your focus on the good things you're doing will help keep you going while you are patiently waiting for the weight loss results. 

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  Healthy Diets - for Weight Loss and Improved Health!
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