Not motivated without quick diets?Losing Weight Requires Both Diet & Exercise

I need to lose weight fast or I lose my motivation and can't focus on my diet. Then I start bingeing again and the weight keeps going up.  

Very low calorie diets are the only way to lose weight quickly. But the problem is, starving yourself actually increases bingeing behavior! Our bodies are too smart to let us starve without putting up a big fight! So, fast weight loss through "quickie" diets is not going to help and there's no other way to lose weight fast. What's the answer? You absolutely have to change your expectations of quick weight loss - it's not going to work. Until you get away from that mindset, you won't move forward.  Then, focus on some of your initial successes (the things you're doing right that will help you reach your goal) and set some realistic short term goals that you can identify as successful events. You may be losing weight already, but you may not be doing enough consistently to make the weight move downward yet. People who are successful at losing weight in the long term have mastered patience and the practice of setting short term goals that will lead them to their goals.  

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