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Need to Eat When Dieting

Everyone likes to succeed.  If you are an athlete or even if you just have a P.E. class you need to pass, you need food and water to succeed and even to lose weight.  Without enough protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, your body can't function to its maximum level. And without these things, neither can your brain.  In the case of athletes, once your grades drop you are forced to drop out of your sport; and in the case of non athletes you could fail or get bad grades in your PE class if your diet is not balanced.

So why would you purposefully hold yourself back by not eating? Maybe because you're trying to lose weight or maybe there's just not enough time to eat.
Well there's always time AND if you're trying to lose weight - not eating will eventually hold you back from your goal.

In conclusion, eat smart foods, get smarter - play smarter

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