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You can lose weight on any diet...  
just eat fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its present weight and/or burn more calories than your body needs to maintain weight through exercise. Losing weight is not the issue - keeping it off is!

Our diets go further than what you can get from other's FREE diet plans... 
our personal plans help you achieve your goals - not just your short term goal to lose weight but your long term goal to keep it off with expert help and a flexible approach that you can live with.

If you want your weight loss efforts to last, stop wasting your time - get the help & plan that fits your needs! 
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What you should know about  FREE DIETS

Are FREE DIETS in your best interest? 

  • If a diet plan is free, are you truly getting a "real" solution that meets your needs? Probably not!
  • If it's FREE, the party supplying the diet plan can only provide generic advice. This means the diet will not offer you the flexibility or the relevant personal information you'll need to actually apply the plan to your life - most likely it will be a waste of time. 
  • General Information - While these diets provide information that is helpful, you need a specific plan of action and a diet plan that matches your eating lifestyle and preferences.  Isn't it time to increase your likelihood of success?

FREE DIETS  -  What's the catch?
One company that we know of that offers a FREE Diet is
. This site will allow you to track your own diet and has some pretty cool programming. You might lose weight using this program but how long will it be before you need another diet
with a personal plan that shows you how to keeps it off? You know there is more to dieting than just tracking your food and calories.  Tracking what you eat has been found to be a very important tool in losing weight, but for most people it is simply not enough. Using diet tracking resources can help you stick with your plan, but you'll actually need a personal diet plan that you can follow to put tracking to good use (Which is where we come in).  FREE Diets can definitely offer some assistance for your diet but we recommend a diet plan that you can live with.  

Lose those extra pounds!Get that six pack waist

What Works?
A Diet & Exercise schedule that you can stick you can succeed!

  1. Weight loss and nutrition experts, known as registered dietitians, make their living providing well thought out personalized diet services and nutrition advice -
    using nutrition practices and information based upon the best and most current science available. As professionals, the help they provide you  has a real value.
    These professionals work hard to give you a diet that works for you - the expertise & diets they develop are therefore not free.

  2. Itís a two way street.  You are getting something of value, and the professional gets paid for the time they devote to your needs.

  3. If you want to be assured of real help with your diet - that is timely - personal - and meets your personal needs - you may want to use the services of a registered dietitian online who charges a fair fee and gives you a response you can count on. Don't gamble with your health and weight loss success.  FREE Diet and FREE diet programs are free for a reason and nutrition and diet professionals charge for a good reason too! It takes time and knowledge to develop a good plan. Dieticians have a great deal of training and education to get their credentials, so look for the nutrition experts for expert advice and get the help you need - it will be worth it!

  4. Personal Dietitian offers diet experts & many weight loss resources to help you achieve your diet goals.  
    Our professional resources and services and support are always available online to our members -24/7 - and the support you get helps assure your success. This is included as part of our diet program (try to get that from a free diet or diet plan! ) 
    And best of all, our diet programs are very affordable - now, expert diet help is easy to access and you can get the help you need at a price you can afford.

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