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Why It's Easier to Lose Weight if You're Under Age 30

Ever notice that the "before and after" weight loss ads use women and men who are young? 
You never see anyone 40 years old
losing 50 or 100 pounds on commercial diet programs (even though it does happen). 
One reason that weight loss companies market to younger people is because it's easier to lose weight when you're under age 30 on any diet program - both the "quick fix" programs and those that focus on real long term results. 

If you're 30 or younger, you have a real edge when it comes to losing weight - it's all in the math. One factor that determines how many calories you need is your age. The calculations show that as you get older you'll need fewer calories to maintain your weight if everything else (your weight, height, sex, and physical activity level) stays the same. 

So, if you are overweight in your 20's and you keep up your same lifestyle and eating habits, you're likely to continue to slowly gain weight (just by getting older and needing fewer calories).  And if you wait until you're over 40 to do something about it, it will be a much slower and challenging experience to lose that weight - it's all in the math!

You can do a lot now to change that pattern of gaining weight as you get older. If you're overweight now, you're more likely to be able to exercise than an older person because your body probably hasn't yet been injured by the extra body weight you have. If you can exercise safely, take advantage of your relatively good health and build some good exercise habits that you can keep up the rest of your life - it's critical to good weight control.

And, if you're looking for a weight loss program to help you lose weight now, get serious and
get motivated - choose a diet that helps you build better eating habits that you can practice throughout your life so you won't be gaining and losing the same 50 pounds when you're 40!. 


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