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Menu plans are a great start, but it's not enough.

Have you ever followed a diet that consisted of following menu plans, either in a book or on-line? It's become pretty standard for diet companies to offer an ongoing selection of menu plans - and with the help of computer programs, it's become easier to develop them with greater selections. But think about someone you know who has maintained a healthy body weight - are they following a menu plan? I don't know a single person who is managing their healthy body weight by following menu plans over and over again. If you want to become that person who is at their goal weight, eats just like everyone else, and is not constantly on a new diet of some kind, you'll need a diet program that offers more than just meal plans. Menu plans are a great start, but it's not enough. You absolutely need to transition from rigid meal plans to learning to choose the right foods in the right amounts for your particular needs. And if you're like most people, your life is full of change and unplanned events that make it really hard to follow set meal plans each and every day.


A menu plan is included as part of the PersonalDiets plan... 
But what's different is that our menu plans are just one small part of your diet program - a helpful tool, but not essential. We use it as a way to help you get an idea of how much to eat at each meal and snack and to get you off to a good start with little effort. The work is done, you just follow it!  The menu plans show you how to balance your nutrition throughout the day so that you're getting a good balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrate calories to optimize your energy and help boost your metabolism - this is important to minimize hunger and give you energy so that you can actually work, play, and exercise while you're losing weight. And, our well designed menu plans offer a variety of foods each day - this is essential so that you get optimal nutrition and don't miss out on important nutrients for good health. Last, each meal plan meets very specific criteria - it meets your individual eating guidelines, the eating style you choose, and follows a specific set of nutritional rules that ensure that you're meeting the goals for improving heart health, lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and decreasing risk of certain diseases. The Personal Diet menu plans are designed so that you can substitute every food - so you aren't stuck eating something you can't have or don't like and that gives you flexibility with the structure you may need to stay on track with your diet.


What's different about the PersonalDiets approach is that you can follow your diet without ever using the menu plans. We find that many people's lives are just too unplanned to make following a pre-set menu plan practical or helpful. And even people following the menu plans need a break - to go out to a restaurant, to leave on a trip, to enjoy a spontaneous event with others. That's where using PersonalDiets Eating Guidelines really work well. You can use your eating guidelines to keep track of what you've eaten and you'll be able to tell right away what the rest of your day's food choices will be. Of if you have a special event that involves food, you can use your eating guidelines to make the best choices and make adjustments to the rest of your day's meals. This is exactly what people who maintain their desirable weight do, we just give you the tools and guidance to help you do this as well. This combination of menu plan (when you want or need it) along with Eating Guidelines for flexibility and real life eating make the PersonalDiets a diet plan you can live with.          



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